Friday, October 31, 2008

I work at the library

I really want to be a ghostbuster and/or Bill Murray. It is the time for people to be who they want to be because of pagans. Man my spelling is just awesome today. I am in the midst of doing a big-fackingly-huge installation right now. well it isnt that big but i am doing it by myself and i only have five days to complete it. My hands and feet hurt just after the first night of work but i am going to kill this thing.

i will post a video of the piece later

Monday, October 13, 2008

We make imagination

Here is a short film, well part of a short film we made in the summer. We had some problema so the only thing we got were these scenes. We did shoot more story but you know it is just kind of funny to see this. click "watch in high quality" otherwise you might not be able to see anything.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I"VE created a Monster with dave

the first scupture assignment this year was supposed to be about massive amounts of non traditional material converted out of its own context and into the realm of sculpture. Well before we even heard of this assignment me and dave planned on making a monster that would turn into a performance piece. Well i guess everything that led up to showing the piece was also part of the performance. We kept it a secret form our class what we were doing and didnt even tell our friends the punchline. we wanted everyone to experience the rediculousness of it. We wanted to set a tone of somewhat saying that we are willing to go way overboard with this class and don't plan on bullshitting. Fuck bullshit. well that is a little harsh but you know we kind of wanted to do this and we committed to it no matter how rediculous it was going to be and I'm glad we stuck to it, You have to finish your ideas to realize if they are good or bad. I wish it was a little more epic but you know it isnt that easy of a thing to pull off.