Tuesday, April 29, 2008

we're sory

i'm deciding that we need more thought into our public image, in maybe the fact that we're more truthful. Or less just show a lot more intelligence. Hey, we played some fun shows lately and i got to hang out with all my minneapolis friends good time, good rhymes, eli will never pay for the restaurant Hard Times because they make shit i could make and they charge me more for it.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mysticism and metaphysics

great scotts what a crazy affair. Millions of ideas and theories thrwon at me in some sort of circus side show routine. I feel great devouring knowledge like it is something you can feed on and become stronger. I feel like an ass also knowing that i will use this knowledge for good and bad. The good of this information sparks ideas and lights a fire underneathe imagination. The bad is in I love to argue so i'll probably quote this information to piss people off, but i guess that is how it goes.

I am also getting a car bc my parents are tossing an old one away. i am now the proud owner of a chevy blazer

yep it has politically correct jokes on the side and GIANT tires